About Me...

My name is Simon Ayers, as you might have guessed.

I like making things and obsessively need to have many projects on the go, so I decided to start documenting them, especially as some of the subjects (Dalek building, RISC OS) seem under-represented on YouTube.

I’ve worked as a Software Engineer, Electronics Design Engineer and Electronics Technician over the years so have gone through the whole lifecycle of designing, building, coding and releasing equipment and software. Unfortunately, I’m pretty pants at the mechanical aspect, hence some of the mechanical/handmade pieces looking a bit clumsy. Still, practice makes perfect!

Since the pandemic, I took the opportunity to leave my role as a Software Team Lead with a bundle of redundancy cash and am working on running my own business with some of my ex-colleagues/friends. In fact a small part of the business is trying to make things that I wish I had access to myself over the years. Some of it will be seen here and on my YouTube channel, so that other people can save themselves some headaches!

Along-side the engineering stuff, I used to be quite a good Pool player about 14 years ago – not so much these days. I also quite like Daleks, as you also may have noticed. 🙂